About Us

When Fengmai's founder came to work in Shenzhen after graduation, he was very enthusiastic about participating in various outdoor activities. He saw everyone, every family outdoor enthusiast, love and fascination with nature, and also saw the strong demand for outdoor lighting. This person saw the potential of this life and set up a new company in 2018 through his vision. We professionally design, develop and manufacture outdoor camping lights, remote control camping lights, lighting lights, night market lights, fishing lights, emergency lights, table lamp. Our products are exported to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Middle East and Australia. Amazon also opened multiple stores, mainly dedicated to Japan, the United States and other markets. The company will bring outdoor fun to everyone, and camping lighting is the beginning to inspire this colorful world. In our mind, with professional skills, strict quality control, honest material usage, mutual trust, market fitting price, added values, you will have more spare time to enjoy your family, to close the nature, to explore the world, and one day , you will find that the world is so colorful, so miracle, and so beautiful. That is a real fun of our mission